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fates_valentine's Journal

Vincent Valentine
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Name: Vincent Valentine
Age: 29 (still lookin good though)
Appearance: Long black hair, pale skin, blood red eyes, red cloak and black
leatherish looking outfit with straps all around it. Also, his left limb
from the elbow down is metal, I assume it's sturdy. Tends to carry himself
in a straight, frigid manner, always seems alert.
Personality: I think he was always sorta of quiet pre-Nibelheim, but
afterwards, he changed into a cold, stoic person. He is hardly open at all,
only rarely letting others in, and only if they're lucky, for his wall is
very well built. Shuts himself away from others and is pretty reclusive,
preferring it that way as he views himself to be a monster. If you happen to
get on his good side, he can be loyal. He's intelligent (at least it seems
that way to me), and can be rather observant, picking up on things that
others would not. He's overall quite serious.
Background: One of the best Turks to ever grace Shin-Ra, he was sent with a
group of scientists to Nibelheim so they could so experiments in the
Mansion. He spoke and fell in love with one of the scientists, a woman named
Lucrecia. Soon, however, they argued (I assume it's cuz he found out what
they were doing) and she ran off to Hojo. Lucrecia was soon with child and
allowed for him to be injected with Jenova's cells. Sometime after, she
fainted in her room and Vincent went to confront Hojo. Words were exchanged,
and Vincent was shot by Hojo.

Being the sadistic bastard that he is, Hojo experimented on Vincent as well,
his metal limb coming either from forced amputation, or just for Hojo's own
sadistic pleasure. After Vincent awakened, he found that he could transform
into powerful beasts, and was quickly subdued by Hojo and locked away in a
coffin in the Mansion's basement, slumbering for many years, so while he may
look a certain age, he's actually much older.

One day Cloud and the gang find him, and after brief conversation and
Sephiroth's ramble about the Reunion, he decided to join them, seeking
revenge on Hojo. He'd end up helping them beat Hojo and Sephiroth, but not
before coming across a waterfall where Lucrecia dwelled in a cave behind it.
After they spoke, he received Death Penalty, and after a later visit, he
received the ability to transform into Chaos, much to his chagrin.

After Sephiroth returned two years later, Vincent played a minor role,
helping the others fight Bahamut and telling Cloud any information he knew
when they were in the Forgotten Capitol.

He comes to Desai out of mild curiousity, dwelling in the Rituana Cemetary
for the most part.

Extra Info: Due to the experiment, his senses are better
than most. They aren't superhuman or anything, but they're good.
His relexes are good, and he's a fantastic shot with a gun.